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Application range of Roller dryer
- Aug 28, 2017 -

1. Chemical industry, miners, metallurgy and other industries, such as ore, slag, coal, metal powder, clay, diatomite, kaolin.

2. Agriculture, feed, fertilizer industry, such as straw, forage, leaves, fish meal, corn paste, starch residue, lees, dregs, fruit residue, soy sauce residue, bagasse, peat, organic compound fertilizer, sludge, aquatic products waste, food factory waste, slaughter plant waste, organic fertilizer, inorganic, phosphate ammonium sulfate.

3. Dry powder and granular materials with special requirements. such as a variety of crystals, light calcium carbonate, active white soil, magnetic powder, graphite, inorganic mud, clay, lime slurry, ore slurry, phosphorus slag, aluminum plant red mud.

4. Require low temperature drying, and a large amount of continuous drying materials.