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Analysis of large industrial washing machine applications
- Jan 26, 2018 -

First, we all know that the present society is an era of rapid industrial development. The two-way development of economy and industry has given people a better living condition. In cities, where we can see factories everywhere, how do workers in these factories wash their work clothes? Then it comes to large industrial washing machines, where workers wash their work clothes in large factories Industrial washing machine. Because working in the factory, it will often cause some pollution to the overalls, if these clothes are not cleaned in time, it may threaten the health of workers, so the factory will use large industrial washing machines often on their Clothes to clean.

Second, there is the hotel in some hotels. We all know that there are hotels and guest houses in the cities right now, and places like this often have soot and grease. As long as it is in the hotel or hotel staff, in the work clothes will basically have the existence of oil stains. Then this time need a large industrial washing machine to conduct a collective clean up, and this is why such industry workers in the work clothes on the relatively clean reasons. Such a service industry can not allow workers to wear oil-colored clothes to work, so that the impression to the customer is not good

Third, there is the hospital. In the hospital can be said that there will be a large industrial washing machine. Because doctors often encounter some germs when they are working, the overalls are cleaned once a day. There are so many doctors and nurses in a hospital. Therefore, we must use a large industrial washing machine. And in the work clothes for washing time also need to add some disinfectant to be able to thoroughly clean clothes is some accommodation of the school. Schools that may not be of a lodging type do not have large industrial washing machines. However, the accommodation type of school is a certain number of students, so they are not very clean their own clothes. And so many staff, so to use a large industrial washing machine Caixing.